Simple custom solutions for all your content marketing & website needs. 

One service takes care of all your Social Media creative needs


For less than the cost of hiring 1 part-time employee, our entire team of Social Media and content creation experts can handle whatever you throw at us each month.*


We’ve got you covered

Whether you have a batch of photos that need editing, some copy that won’t write itself, or even a FaceBook ad campaign that needs to be created, run and monitored for impact; we’ve got your back.

Your days of Social Media frustration are over!

Simply choose the services you’ll need from our A la carte menu below each month. You can switch them up at any time, and mix’n’match to suit your own custom needs.

Marketing Content Subscription

A la carte menu for Subscription.  Below are the services we provide*
  • Photo editing (up to 12 per month)
  • Meme creation / quotes
  • Copy-writing
  • Blog editing
  • Post creation with hashtags
  • Social Media content calendar
  • Social Media Platform development
  • Facebook Ad Testing
  • Long-term commercial story development (Campaigns)
  • Holiday theme content
  • Tagline development
  • Need something that isn't on this list? Just ask!

Includes 10% video discount 

*Limits based on project size and specification. Additional services may be purchased at our regular hourly rate.

Video Subscriptions

Video Subscriptions make it all so easy.


The internet is a noisy, crowded & confusing place for any business owner. But you know that the potential client pool is so vast you must figure out a way to stand out and get noticed.

A consistent, creative and share worthy video campaign approach is the only way to do it right. Let’s get yours started today.


Let’s go viral.

So you want to go viral? Increase your chances by filling your Social Media feeds with a consistent stream of creative, audience engaging and informative videos showcasing your company’s products and services. Stay top of mind and viral ready.

Video Subscriptions

Video Subscriptions*

  • Consistent stream of video content for your social platforms and newsletter
  • Creative, high-quality one-of-a-kind videos
  • As many or as few videos produced per month
  • Priority service
  • Get your best ideas ideas out fast
  • Increase your chances of going viral
*Every video subscription is based on the scope of expected work. Please contact us for your free consultation and quote.

Website Subscriptions

Website maintenance & content updates you can rely on


Rest easy knowing that your WordPress or Wix website is up-to-date, running smoothly and secure as our expert web team monitors and maintains your site for one low monthly subscription fee.


You’re in good hands

Whether you just need someone to keep a close eye on your WordPress or Wix site, or you need a little more support, we offer two great web subscription options so you get just the right service required.

Website Subscriptions

Web Maintenance Subscription*

  • Site monitoring
  • Keeping your site up and running
  • Plugin updates
  • Software updates
  • SSL Certificate
  • Keeping your site secure

Includes 10% discount on Web development services

*Limited to WordPress & Wix websites 

Web Master Subscription*

  • Includes all the features of Web Maintenance
  • Uploading & design of blog posts
  • Optimizing content to keep your site fast
  • Design edits. Make changes to your site at your request and on the fly.
  • Search engine optimization on all pages and posts (SEO)
  • Add pages, landing pages and more whenever required
  • Add features whenever required.
  • Change banners, sidebar content & more whenever the mood strikes!

Includes 10% discount on Web development services

*Limited to WordPress & Wix websites  & up to 15 hours of service per month.

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